Monochrome: The Daily Look Inspiration

Monochrome Look

Have you ever thought monochrome dressing was boring? Think again. There is a way you can look stunning from head to toe in a monochrome outfit!

Monochrome dressing doesn’t have to be boring. Have you been to an all white or all black theme party?  At these types of theme parties you’ll see a lot of people wearing all one color, either all white or all black. It could get a little boring seeing everyone in the same color.

But every now and again you’ll see a few outfits that catch your eye and look stunning. So, there is a way to make it work for you.  You can stand out in a sea of monochrome outfits and make an impressive appearance.

Here are the keys to making a monochrome look work for you and look stunning in one color or tones.

  • Mix textures, it’s the best way to add interest.
  • Wear fabrics that are flattering for your body, but you don’t have to worry about them be alike unless it’s black.
  • Use shades and tones within the same color family to create depth and interest
  • Use a subtle layer or faint print in a like color to slightly break up the monochrome.
  • Use accessories to add authenticity and life to the outfit.
  • Makeup is another great way to add interest.

The Daily Look Inspiration – From Head To Toe Monochrome look featured above creates interest with texture, a play on fabrics, and jewelry. Since winter and the cool weather is lingering around, this inspirational look combines a fur coat for warmth and create a luxurious feel, a sexy satiny cami top softens the other textures, a cute suede skirt for a chic look, sassy suede/leather booties, and edgy sparkly jewelry. Now this monochrome (one color) look gives the impression of luxurious, sexy, sassy chic, and edgy. Boring be gone!

Use this inspiration to create your own interesting monochrome look without feeling boring.

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December Hype – That Time of Year!

happyholidays2016Well, it’s that time of year, the December hype! It’s the time where we wish others a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy New Year’s, or simply Happy Holidays. This is a joyful time of the season. We participate in many festivities and eat great food. We spend lots of time shopping for gifts for others and anticipate the gifts that others will give to us. It’s also a great time to relax and have fun with family and friends.

But somehow, in all the hustle and bustle many times we may neglect to realize that this could also be a stressful and difficult time too. This is also a time in which we may feel overwhelmed with all the things to do during this season, what to wear, or feel the need to get the perfect gift. Let’s not forget, the often overlooked, grief that may creep in our thoughts as we remember loved ones that are no longer with us. This grief can bring on sadness and loneliness at this time of year.

I ask that we each be gentle with ourselves and one another and not forget the reason for the season. This season is not so much about the physical giving and perfect holiday party hosting or having the perfect outfit (although I do admire a cute outfit) neither is what’s important. But rather it’s about giving from the heart and soul and sharing the gift of love and hope! So take a load off yourself. Take a moment to love yourself, a moment to give love to someone else, a moment see the real need, that we may lighten someone’s path and load as we too may be enlighten. Go ahead, reflect on those great times and moments that were shared with a loved that you miss, for they will always be in your heart. But we must not forget to reflect on those that love that are present and want to give us joy. Remember to be gentle and not push away a present opportunity to feel and be loved today by the people around you that care.

It is my wish and prayer that we do not let fear of overwhelm and perfection or the sadness of a loved one steal the inner joy our soul could experience in this present moment.

May love and peace abide in you (in us) and make 2017 a prosperous new year’s!

You can expect to hear more from me in the coming year 2017.



Until next time – Be You, Be Awesome!

One Dress Three Different Looks

Time for a little style inspiration to perk up a basic garment in your wardrobe. Are you ready for inspiration on how to get three different looks out of one basic dress? If you are, you’re in for a treat. You’ll discover creative ways to style your dress to look chic and get ready with ease.

Grey Midi Dress

Topshop Midi Dress

Let’s take a look at a basic dress. A basic dress could be an essential wardrobe piece that is comfortable and works great with your body figure. For this style inspiration, a fitted midi dress will be the focal piece. There’s something about a fitted dress that I love. Maybe it’s the simplicity of knowing I don’t have to steam it or worry about it getting wrinkled, or because I feel sexy in it, lol. But a sheath or shift dress will work as well. The key is to know what style works best for you, your body figure, and gives you confidence. Then you can make it your go to dress in a crunch and look fabulous with ease. Especially, when you know how to create multiple outfits with that one dress.

This one basic dress can take you from work to an evening out, and even into the weekend. Pair this basic dress with a few other items in your closet and look fabulous in under 15 minutes.

w lets see how to create three different looks with this one grey funnel neck fitted midi dress from Topshop. Ideally, this dress in black will make for a great Little Black Dress (LBD) and greatly extend your wardrobe capsule. More on a building a wardrobe capsule in future style inspiration ideas and tips.

Look 1: Work Flow Ready

Work Flow Ready



For Look 1: Work Flow Ready, the Topshop fitted midi dress in grey is paired with a few classic pieces (tailored blazer, heel pumps, a nice structured handbag and versatile jewelry accessories) to create a polished work ready look.




Look 2: Evening – Night Out Flow

Night Out Flow



For Look 2: Night Out Flow, the Topshop fitted midi dress is paired with a few chic pieces (red leather motto jacket, scrappy scandal heels, a Stella & Dot metallic clutch, and the same Stella & Dot versatile jewelry accessories) to create a sexy and chic night out look. Depending on your geographical region the jacket can be in a lighter weight and breathable material.

Look 3: Weekend: Relaxed Weekend Flow

Relaxed Weekend Flow



For Look 3: Relaxed Weekend Flow, the Topshop midi fitted dress is paired with a few casual pieces (classic army green bomber jacket, metallic slip-on sneakers, and the same Stella &Dot metallic clutch and Stella & Dot versatile jewelry accessories) to create a comfortable and relaxed weekend look.



One Dress 3 Different Looks

I hope this inspired you to get creative and see how to get different looks from one basic dress.

If you would like help creating you fab wardrobe with minimal garments; saving you money and time getting dress contact me and let’s get ready to create your fab wardrobe.

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3 Mascaras To Glamorize Your Eyes

3 Mascaras To Glamorize Your Eyes

Who said great lashes had to cost a lot or need to be false? These are 3 of my favorite mascara products that give me glamorous lashes without breaking the bank or the need to add on false lashes. One to two coats and I am ready to go. 

Show off your beautiful lashes easily and economically! 

Leave your comment with some of your favorite eyelash products. I would love to hear from you. 

Simple & Chic Spring Look

Simple & Chic Spring Look

Give the illusion of a elongated and leaner body with the use of vertical geometrical and maxi length dress with natural color footwear. Simple and chic spring to summer look keep you looking fabulous.

Your style should reflect the essence and beauty of who you are.


Easter Wardrobe Inspiration – Classic Black & White

Easter Wardrobe Inspiration - Classic Black & White

Can you say elegant and classy. Yes, a simple LBD can take you throughout every season and keep you looking fabulous. This simple black and white look incorporates the trending gingham pattern in the shoes just to spice it up and a cute black and white polka dot clutch.

Black never goes out of style.But if you need a little color, you can always add color with a jacket, shawl, or sweater.

Simple is good too, especially in a busy world.

Happy Easter and I hope you have enjoyed the Easter Wardrobe Inspiration series this week. Leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

Happy Easter,

Easter Wardrobe Inspiration – Lively Green

Easter Wardrobe Inspiration - Lively Green

You can’t go wrong with a sheath dress. It flatters almost any body type. It says classy and sexy all in one. Try a nice lively green mixed with aquamarine and classic blue combined in a floral print with a 3D effect on cream. Who said classy can’t be bold and fun.

If you are in a cool or windy climate pair it with a shawl to keep you warm. Green is a favorite but a nice cream or classic blue shawl would also go nicely with this look.

It’s spring! Time to feel a live. Pastels are trending but so are bold patterns and textures. Mix it up and feel a live and fabulously stylish.

Wallis evening dress

Pre owned purse

Fornash green bracelet

Leaf earrings

Green scarve

Monsoon beach hat